Who are We?

Veranika Lim, Co-founder

A user experience researcher and interaction designer who contributed to innovation research in sustainability, social technology and pervasive computing to support human perception and decision-making processes. Holds a PhD from Eindhoven University and a Post Doc from Imperial College London. Currently a UX Consultant at Roche and Sweatcoin. In her free time a surfer and outdoor addict.

Pradeep Ganesan, Co-founder

Pradeep is a skilled technologist with 10 years of industry experience working in Data Storage Technologies. He has worked for EMC Corporation (now Dell EMC), NetApp and a startup CohoData. He holds 3 US patents and have published 2 research conference papers. He is currently the principal software engineer at NGX Storage. In his free time, Pradeep is a trained actor who loves outdoors and travelling.

Micheal Politowicz, iOS Developer

Mike is also a co-founder and primary iOS developer for Scratch Track, an audio recording app that allows users to record audio quickly and easily, edit the track, and upload it to our server to share with their bandmates. which has 5,200 app downloads; 5.0 stars  based on 30 reviews. Currently an Aerospace engineer at NASA Langley and flies airplanes!

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